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YF Dipslides (Box of 10)

YF Dipslides (Box of 10)

SKU: 10010179
  • Malt Extract agar
  • For yeasts and moulds only


Introducing YF Dipslides - a box of 10 Malt Extract agar slides for yeasts and moulds. For general purpose use, YF Dipslides are designed to provide quick, easy and accurate testing for yeasts and moulds. YF Dipslides use Malt Extract agar media, making them reliable and giving the assurance of results with accuracy, quickly.


The slides are lightweight and easy to use, yet provide robust and scientific results. They are designed to make testing in any environment easy and hassle-free, delivering dependable results with a simple ‘dip and read’ procedure.


With YF Dipslides, you are guaranteed accurate results in 24-120 hours. These dip slides are ideal for reliable testing of yeasts and moulds in a world-class, user-friendly design.


Dimanco Limited is the leading UK manufacturer of dipslides for general purpose, food industry, food and water, industrial, dental hygiene and medical testing.  Our extensive range of high-quality dipslides are designed with accuracy and reliability in mind, giving you the confidence to actively monitor your hygiene standards.


Discover the unrivaled convenience and dependability of YF Dipslides from Dimanco Limited. Our trusted product ensures impeccable hygiene and safety standards with ease.


As the UK's top provider of dip slide testing, we are proud to have earned multiple accreditations and industry recognition. Rely on Dimanco Limited to provide a diverse range of dipslides that efficiently monitor your hygiene standards with absolute certainty.

  • Product Information


    Large Pushfit

    AGAR (SIDE 1)

    Malt Extract Agar


    Yeast and Moulds

    AGAR (SIDE 2)

    Malt Extract Agar


    Yeasts and Moulds


    9 Months


    8℃ - 15℃


    30℃  24 - 120 Hours


    General Purpose

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