The Company

Here at Dimanco we have been manufacturing Dipslides in the United Kingdom for over 25 years, this experience plus extensive research has given us a clear insight into the varying need of the different  industrial, catering, food processing and clinical sectors.

This is a specialised field and Dimanco‚Äôs expertise has helped to develop a product which detects a hygiene problem at an early stage, thus allowing companies to take corrective action during initial stages. This saves both time and money.

We manufacture each component of the slides from the outer casing and paddle all the way through to mixing the targeted media for detection of desired bacteria. 

Our Team

  • Financial Director - Ian Archer

Ian has been in the industry, making Dipslides for over 26 years. Being the FD means that he is not only in charge of the day to day financial affairs of the company, but he oversees each department to ensure they run smoothly. Historically, he has worked in the logistics sector and this wealth of knowledge has been transposed to Dimanco to ensure that the final packed product reaches you at the lowest cost and fastest speed possible.

  • Technical Director - Jon Watson

Working within our laboratory, creating the formulations that has made Dimanco the leading manufacturer in the United Kingdom. After working in the industry for 30+ years he has a wealth of technical knowledge he is able to pass on to our users. He oversees the clean room area ensuring the machinery is running at optimum levels at all times. "Working at Dimanco brings new challenges daily - which I will always face head on"

  • General Manager - David Archer

David is the newest member of the Dimanco Team with years of commercial experience behind him, he has been appointed to create a layer of upper management. He also has rationalised the IT infrastructure and remodelled the website to make them more user friendly and interactive for customers. He is here to oversee all departments and report to the Directors.

  • Moulding Shop Manager - Mark Collins

Where it all begins - Mark has been at the forefront of creating the physical outer casings, paddles, and caps of our Dipslides for 8 years. His ongoing maintenance and troubleshooting of the machinery ensure there are no delays in the manufacturing process. He also oversees a team who carry out the initial quality check before leaving his department for the gamma irradiation stage.

  • Clean Room Manager - Sarah Burton

Sarah ensures that during the pouring process to coat both sides of the slide there are no delays in the procedure. The quality of this stage is paramount to allow the highest quality of product. Her knowledge of the product range acts as a qualifying check when creating the desired slide to its detailed specification. During Sarah's 12 years within the company she has worked her way up the ladder through both dedication and performance at a high level.

  • Quality Control Manager - Maggie Dowling

Maggie has been with the company for 12 years and has a keen eye for detail and passes this work ethic onto her team. This minimises any risk of sub-standard product to leave the building. She understands the workings of a slide and the attributes of each one that may become less than perfect. Regular informative sessions and comparison of 'good' and 'bad' slides ensures high levels of knowledge transfer and growth within the team.

  • Packing Department Manager - Mary Goodship

This is where the process ends for us but only just begins for our customers. Mary is the font of all knowledge where packaging is concerned. If her 17 years of working for Dimanco has taught her nothing else, it is the importance of secure and high quality packaging that is key to the product reaching its destination in the ideal condition. She is the final check before the product leaves the building, to which she has a final inspection of our customers various packaging specifications along with the dipslide and the referencing numbers allocated to each product.

As you can see from the details above we have a long standing team with a wealth of knowledge relating to all stages within the process. This means that Dimanco are best equipped for all your Bacteria Testing needs when considering the purchase of Dipslides. We handle everything from Manufacture all the way through to delivery to either your or your customers door.