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TPC Dipslides (Box of 10)

TPC Dipslides (Box of 10)

SKU: 10010161
  • Plate count agar with Neutralizers for common disinfectants
  • Improved recovery of bacteria damaged but not killed by cleaning chemicals
  • For general use
  • Black paddle


TPC Dipslides are a perfect product for the food industry. Containing plate count agar with neutralizers for common disinfectants, these dipslides present a professional solution for improved discovery of bacteria that have been damaged, but not killed, by cleaning chemicals.


This box of ten black paddles is engineered using a combination of agar and neutralisers designed to significantly reduce the impact of common cleaning materials used in the food industry, improving the detection rate of bacteria that have been damaged but not killed. This allows for a more comprehensive and efficient assessment of the environment and a more accurate picture of safety of the products.


Whether you are looking for an efficient way to assess the safety of products in a food environment or just need a reliable and professional dip slide test, TPC Dipslides (Box of 10) meet the requirements of food industry testing.


Dimanco Limited is the premier UK manufacturer of dipslides, catering to various industries such as general purpose, food, water, industrial, dental hygiene, and medical testing. Explore our wide range of high-quality dipslides designed for unparalleled accuracy, reliability, and hygiene standards.


Discover the convenience and reliability of TP Dipslides, exclusively available from Dimanco Limited. Our state-of-the-art products ensure impeccable hygiene and safety standards, taking your hygiene monitoring to new levels.


Trust the leading UK supplier of dip slide tests - Dimanco Limited. With our numerous accreditations and industry accolades, we take great pride in providing a comprehensive selection of dipslides to effectively safeguard your hygiene standards. Count on our expertise to ensure the highest level of hygiene in your processes. Choose Dimanco Limited for first-class dipslides in the UK.

  • Product Information


    Large Pushfit

    AGAR (SIDE 1)

    Plate Count & Neutralisers (on Black Slide) 


    Total Count

    AGAR (SIDE 2)

    Plate Count & Neutralisers (on Black Slide) 


    Total Count


    6 Months


    8℃ - 15℃


    35℃  24 - 48 Hours


    Food Industry

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