Surface Sampling

A surface may look clean whilst still harbouring thousands of viable bacteria which will multiply rapidly. Regular cleaning is essential in all areas where foodstuffs are processed or handled. It is also important to check that the cleaning process is effective. TILLUTACT slides are the ideal method of monitoring surface hygiene, being specifically designed for ease of use.

Dimanco contact slides are an excellent visual aid in training programmes and the TILLUTACT slides were formulated with the food industry in mind. They determine both Total viable counts and Coliform counts.

1. Remove contact slide from its tube and press against the surface to be tested.

2. Turn the contact slide over and repeat the procedure with the second side. Replace the slide in the tube and incubate for 24 hours.

3. At the end of the incubation period, read the results against the chart.

BIODIP slides and TILLUTACT slides are available in a comprehensive range of formulations for the detection of common groups of bacteria. Dimanco diagnostic slides are made in a sterile environment with purpose-built machinery. Rigid quality control measures ensure a uniform agar-fill giving flat, even surface for a reliable result every time. All slides are inspected individually before being released for sale.