Whilst the process is simple - the components are essential to the product reaching your door in the best possible condition are as follows:

Plastic Moulding Production - Using plant machinery to create the outer clear casing to the slide, and the hinged paddle where the selective media sits, this is where it begins.

Quality Control (Plastics) - As with any manufacturing process some products may not be desirable to our clients, though from a distance they may appear of good quality, our high levels of perfection ensure that even the smallest flaw be identified and removed at this early stage.

Gamma Irradiation (sterilisation) - Due to the nature of the product this process is wholly necessary to ensure that no external pathogens / bacteria are present on the slides prior to media application.

Quarantine - This may appear initially a strange concept, but once the media has been applied to the slide we will leave for 7-14 days [dependant on product and client specification] which will then allow any contaminants there might be present to grow.

100% visual inspection - Following on from the quarantine period, we will examine each individual slide to assess for cultures that may have been formed and remove. This ensures a fresh slide reaches its destination wherever possible.

Manufacture of Dipslides - The pouring process is overseen by lab technicians who ensure the optimum coverage of the paddle on each side allowing maximum contact with the sample surfaces/fluids.

Package - The end part of the process makes sure that the product is secure and sealed. Included within this there is a random check of slides to again ensure a high quality of product reaching the final destination.

Delivery to Customer Site - Final part of the stage.